Q. What if I play other sports in the off-season?
A. EHT encourages players to play other sports, we simply offer the ice and training weekly to allow our members to skate/work out on their own schedule.

Q. Do I have to pay for the entire program up front?
A. No, a majority of members will choose a monthly payment plan, but anyone that pays for the entire program up front will receive a $100 discount off of their total membership price.

Q. Can I join the program at the end of summer or fall?
A. Yes, however, the only membership available at that time is the month-to-month plan, which runs $375 per month.

Q. Which group will I skate in?
A. Our staff will put you in a group of similar skill set and ability. We do this for a living and will not move a player up that is not ready (even if his best friend or teammate is in a higher group)!

Q. How many players are allowed on each ice session?
A. Our maximum number of skaters allowed will be 24 skaters and 4 goalies. Most sessions will average about half of that or less.

Q. How do I sign up for the On Ice Sessions?
A. Once you have signed up for a program and paid for it, you will be given a username and password for our website. Our website features a one-click signup for skates; you will simply select a date on your calendar and click "Sign up" to reserve your spot on the ice for that skate. You may cancel skates on the same page.

Q. How does my son know what to do each time he comes in?
A. Members will receive an entrance meeting when they sign up for the program and will be given a plan or direction of what to do to improve his game.

Q. What days will EHT be open?
A. Spring-Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Summer-Monday through Friday. Fall-Sunday through Thursday.

Q. When does EHT start and end?
A. EHT will open a week after the Michigan High School Hockey State Tournament is finished in March, and will close for the hockey season the week before Michigan High School Hockey Tryouts begin in November. All Travel, Junior and College Players will obviously report to their teams in August...which is why their membership is only a 5 month program.

Q. What if an ice session is full?
A. You can opt to be put on a waiting list and, if any cancellations occur, will be notified and allowed to sign up for that skate.

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