What is EHT?

Skills-Players will have access to a hockey specific training facility and ice
Training-On and off ice training 4-5 days a week
Relationships-Offering guidance to hockey players and families looking for direction
Individual-Individualized training on and off ice to help players reach their goals
Development-Players will skate and train with players of similar skills or age
Advancement-Helping players get advanced to higher levels


Why EHT?

  • A place where serious hockey players can train like hockey players.
  • Our professional staff will train and skate with you every day.
  • Skate with other players that have the same goals in mind.
  • Get bigger, faster and stronger by having our staff sit down with you and develop a plan to accomplish it.
  • On and off ice instruction by actual high level hockey players.
  • We can help you become more of an impact for your team.
  • Stop spending $300-$1000 for a week long hockey camp that focuses on the drills and NOT the player's development.
  • We teach you what it takes to play at higher levels.
  • Get scouted every day at EHT.
  • Be a part of the change in ice hockey development...get into EHT!
  • EHT-Preparing players for the next level!